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From: John O. of NRC, Multi Shopping Center Owner

The sidewalk came up outstanding on Sunday, I was up there when they were working and their system, does the job. He cleaned in front of Panera and Pei Wei and Great Clips. The manager of Pei Wei. hired him at that time to clean the dumpster pad area, as he was so pleased how the walk came out. Today, I spoke with the manager of Panera, and he was pleased, and passed the information to the district managers My belief is that after all the attempts to have the sidewalks cleaned, we have found someone that has the personal dedication to do a great job.

Thanks, John


From: Vince A. of Carrabba's
I think you did a great job power washing. Everything looks great. I finally found someone that understands what I need done. Please return in four weeks for another service. 


From: Alex V. Multi Gas Station Owner 

Mike, Your work is far above standard and your personal concern to please the customer, sets a high standard. You did a great job removing all of the gum from the pump islands. I would like to have you bid all of our sites. The past contractors, fell far short of their promises, And I believe that we have found someone, who has the equipment and knowledge to provide, a professional job.


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